Get Ready to Dig Deep

Beyond Asana is for yogis, change agents and conscious leaders who are ready to move their yoga practice beyond the physical and into the deeply emotional, energetic and spiritual.

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Weekly class Schedule

Do you live in Philadelphia? Are you visiting? Check out a class with me! I would LOVE to connect with you.


Hot Vinyasa  | 4:30 pm-5:30pm | Priya Hot Yoga

Vinyasa | 7:45pm-9:15pm – Studio 34


Hot Vinyasa  | 7:30 pm-8:30pm | Priya Hot Yoga


Hot Vinyasa |12:00pm-1:00pm – Priya Hot Yoga


Vinyasa| 4pm-5:30pm – Studio 34

*Sometimes schedules can change and I may have a sub. Be sure to check

the studio schedules to be sure.

Studio 34| Priya Hot Yoga | Blue Banyan

Top Ten Things You Can Expect In Brittany’s Classes

  1. You will buzz your lips—it releases stress and it’s silly.
  2. I will laugh… It’s more like a giggle. Sometimes it’s like a cackle.
  3. You will laugh. Actually I can’t guarantee this. You may cry. Either way, it’s a release.
  4. You will get a lot of cues on how to align yourself in each posture-before you can rock a flow you need to feel safe and secure in your body.
  5. You will practice basic and moderate poses in super creative ways. The fancy postures aren’t my thing. Sometimes I may throw one in for the heck of it, but for the most part I like taking the stuff you know and presenting it in a way that’s new.
  6. There will be a kickass playlist filled with inspiring and soulful music. (Almost always).
  7. I will ask your name and what you would like to do in class-this is your class and I want to know YOU. I also want you to know each other. Community, people!
  8. You will BREATHE! I will cue it, work it and play with it in different ways. The breath anchors you, syncs you with those around you, and sustains your practice.
  9. I will push your buttons and ask you to do weird/silly things. Comfort is overrated. I want to push the envelope and get you stretching into your emotional body. Not just your hamstrings.
  10.  You will be reminded of how precious, special, powerful or just plain awesome you are. It’s true. Deal with it.

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