40 meditations to feast upon for every aspect of your life.

40 meditations to feast upon for every aspect of your life.

Stressed? Anxious?? Need a little me time???

Life can pile a lot on you and it’s really easy to feel the effects of this. Sometimes it can feel like a struggle just to get through the day.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.
Meditation has been scientifically proven to do the following:

  • Alleviate stress
  •  Calm anxiety
  •  Aid in sleep
  • Help manage depression
  • Unblock creativity
  • Get more grounded
  • Tap into your potential
  • Increase Your Intuition

 But there are some obstacles that often keep people from using this amazing tool:

  • Can’t make the time
  • Don’t know where to begin
  • The body is too uncomfortable to sit still
  • The mind never actually shuts off

Here’s the thing. In order for meditation to really work, you have to do develop a regular practice. Like every day. But don’t worry! This isn’t as challenging as you may think.

With the Meditation Buffet you’ll get your pick of guided meditations to match your time constraints, your style and whatever you are going through in life.

brittany policastro

For the past 12 years Brittany has been challenging her students to be brave, wake up and live their purpose through her soul-stirring yoga classes. Her technique is influenced by her 300 hours of training in Anusara, practice in Vinyasa, Kundalini, Restorative Yoga, Osho Dynamic Meditation, work with Off the Mat Into the World, study of the Chakra system, a year of intense self exploration with her shamanic healer and extensive travel. In 2010 she spent 6 weeks in India and studied deep meditation techniques in two ashrams. She has a daily meditation practice and loves to explore out-of-the-box ways to make meditation more accessible.

In This course You Will Get … 

  • 40 meditations of various lengths, styles and modalities.
  • Video Training- How to Meditate Without Sitting Still or Keeping Quiet
  • Meditations will be accessible to beginners and advanced practitioners alike.
  • All meditations will be downloadable with lifetime access to everything.

And here is the list of meditations you will receive… … 

      • Gratitude Meditation
      • Listen to this when you feel like giving up
      • Flow like the River
      • Calling in Your Love
      • Grounding Meditation
      • Fostering Intuition
      • Your Vision
      • Planting Seeds
      • Who am I
      • To be true
      • Before a first date
      • After Work
        • Healing old relationship wounds
        • Morning Meditation
        • Before Sleep
        • Driving Your Car
        • Receiving Abundance
        • Clearing Money Blocks
        • Healing Your Body
        • Healing a Headache
        • Body Scan
        • Spinal Breath
        • Birthing Creativity
        • Temple of the Heart
        • Chakra Meditation
        • Love Refocus
        • Simple Guided Breathing
        • Three Part Breath
        • Airplane Meditation
        • Slow Down Calm Down
        • Growing Ambition
        • Before a first date
        • Before a job interview
        • A quickie to ground you
        • Gibberish
        • Screaming to Release
        • Jumping to Energize
        • Dance Break
        • Letting Go
        • A Pep Talk
        • Beach Time

Screen shot 2015-11-06 at 10.28.11 AM

Looking for the perfect gift for the yoga or meditation lover in your life (besides you, of course)??

This would be it!
So often we feel the need to give people things but this year give the gift that offers an actual experience and the opportunity to create new and healthy habits for the New Year and beyond. Upon purchase you will receive an email with all the info needed to send to your loved one. Plus you will get a certificate to print out if wrapping a gift is something you can’t pass up.

If you’ve been struggling in life, it’s time to flip the script. Meditation can do that. It is actually simpler than you may think.
You just have to commit. So do it today. Don’t wait! Life won’t get any easier unless you give it a reason to. And with these meditations you simply pop your earbuds in and listen. Go ahead get them now! 

Investment: $49 (for over 40 meditations!!)

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