Gain step by stepguidance on how to be aligned, strong and healthy in 40 of Vinyasa Yoga’s most common postures

So you practice Yoga? Awesome!

Yoga has literally changed my life from the inside out and can do the same for you. But if you aren’t clear on how to get and stay in each of the postures (aka asanas) properly you run the risk of injury.

But don’t worry! I can help!

I have been teaching yoga for over 13 years and alignment is a HUGE passion of mine. In this lifetime course you will get hours  of video tutorials giving EVERYTHING you need to safely and effectively move in and out of your asanas all while building strength and flexibility and avoiding injury.

In this online video course you will learn:

  • How to avoid injuring or compressing your neck in headstand.
  • What to do when your knee hurts in pigeon (something most yogis don’t know but it works 90% of the time).
  • Why you shouldn’t lean on your shin in Triangle Pose.
  •  The difference between cobra and upward facing dog and when to do which.
  •  Why you DON’T want to do Half Moon Pose after Standing Split.
  •  How to protect your low back in wheel pose.
  •  What to do when your hips are TOO flexible?
brittany policastro


Brittany has been teaching alignment-based asana for over 12 years. With 300 hours of training in Anusara Yoga and over 12,000 hours of teaching under her belt Brittany has the skill, the confidence and the refined understanding to create epiphanies in the way you practice yoga. For the past four years she has taught asana clinics as part of the Beyond Asana Teacher Training and also taught an alignment based training in India in 2010.


The course will be broken down into the following segments and will have full video explanations of each of the 40 postures covered:

Standing Postures

Balance Postures

Arm Balances

Back Bends


Hip Openers/Forward Folds

Plus check out all of these bonuses! Value $1200

Keep Your Pelvis and Low Back Safe

How to practice while pregnant

Using Props to Your Benefit

Ujaii Breath- A Tutorial

Aligning Your Hands and Feet

Additional Bonus Postures!

Wondering if this course is a fit? Check this out…

This Course Is For You If:

  • You practice Vinyasa or power yoga and want a break down of the postures you do.
  • You are just getting into yoga but want to get a better understanding of HOW to do the postures.
  • You are a seasoned yoga practitioner (or yoga teacher) who wants a deeper understanding of how to work with alignment and anatomy in each of the asanas.
  •  You are working with a particular injury and know that understanding the alignment of the postures will help you to heal.
  •  You love geeking out on yoga alignment and find it all very interesting.

This Course Is Not A Good Fit If…

  • You have NEVER practiced yoga before- we will be getting into deep conversations about the practice and prior understanding of the postures (while minimal) is needed. A few classes under your belt will help.
  •  You are looking for full yoga classes and not tutorials. This course is an asana breakdown. I will NOT be offering full classes with the posture linked together.
  •  You have studied yoga styles that give extensive alignment education, i.e. Iyengar or Anusara.

**Please consult your medical provider if you are uncertain whether or not this yoga practice is right for you. By doing this practice you are taking full responsibility of your own health and well being. Please practice mindfully.**


Testimonials …


Brittany’s experiential teaching style works really well for me. It helps me internalize the postures I am learning and understand them from the inside out.

Carolyn Wolf

Beyond Asana YTT 2015

When I first started taking yoga classes with Brittany I would thrust my body up into Wheel without much consideration for how I should be aligned.  I had enough flexibility and upper body strength with which to push myself into Wheel, so I did.  My arms would shake and my low back would ache, but I was satisfied because I had attained the posture (or so I believed).  But then one day I stopped to really listen to Brittany’s cues for Wheel.  I actually slowed down and followed each step the way she instructed it, pushing up partway but resting on my head, plugging my shoulders back in, squeezing my arms together, rolling to the hairline, all before attempting to push my body higher into the air.  It was a game-changer.  Every modification that she spoke made my body feel stronger, more supported, more stable, and more at ease in the pose.  Wheel became a graceful posture rather than a forced posture.  Brittany’s understanding of alignment and her commitment to clearly communicating the details of the poses both make her classes a unique treasure in the world of yoga.

Gretchen Tucker

RYP 2015

Brittany is a creator.  She challenges her students to uncover and leap beyond their limiting beliefs, their deepest fears in order to connect with their passion, their purpose.  Her teaching emphasizes playfulness, heart, a deep commitment to alignment and the interconnection that unites us all.

Breanne Ward

Brittany’s knowledge base of asana and display of the body during poses is truly eye opening for any practitioner, both experienced or new to yoga. She takes time to break down placement of the body to clearly display what it should look like and then gives descriptions of what it should feel like. Her cues are clear and adjustments allow for a deeper experience of poses. I am grateful to have been given the chance to learn from her.

Veronica Carpenter

LCSW. RYT, Reiki Master, Ayurvedic Practioner, Bikram Yoga Teacher

As a student of Brittany’s, both in the yoga studio and in the teacher training classroom, she has taught me the importance of proper alignment in keeping the body safe and secure as it moves from posture to posture. She brings a high awareness of Anusara’s Universal Principles of Alignment to her students by utilizing blocks, blankets, and straps to engage muscles throughout the body, creating a strong foundation for the practice. Brittany has a beautiful way of articulating the importance of alignment while remaining focused on the true nature of yoga – the unification of the mind, body, and powerful breath.

Allison Russell

Brittany has a very through and passionate approach to teaching asana. Her verbal cues are easy to follow, whether you are new to yoga or an experienced yogi. No one can get you into alignment like Brittany.

Laura Prior

Vinyassa mean “to place with intention”. Brittany’s teaching of the asanas embodies this action. She leads students through poses with careful attention to alignment, without it feeling tedious or dull. Students will find a new appreciation for the structure of their body – the way a muscle wraps around a bone, or the tendons in the ankles, for instance. Once awareness of alignment is set, Brittany takes students through sequencing that feels stable and spacious – movement that makes your whole body come alive. She marries this movement with explanation of what’s happening physically and energetically. She offers encouragement when you’re sweating and want to quit. She would never suggest doing something unsafe or anything that would put your body in harm’s way. On the contrary, Brittany’s asana classes begin to stoke a feeling of safety in your own body that you may have never experienced before beginning a physical practice like this.

Julianne Mesaric

Here’s The Thing…
In order to have a deep and transformative relationship with your yoga practice you must feel SAFE and HEALTHY in the postures. In this course I am giving you HOURS of detailed tutorials that I usually reserve for my yoga teacher trainings which cost close to $3000. With these videos you can revisit them any time you are unsure of the safety of a posture, want to see a skilled professional break it down or simply need a refresher. If you were to get this kind of instruction from private sessions with me it would take months and cost thousands. Are you ready to take understand your yoga postures like never before and ensure you stay safe and healthy? 

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