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Brittany Policastro

Welcome, Brittany Here!

Who I Am

I am a yoga teacher, facilitator, writer and founder/director of Beyond Asana with a rebellious and playful streak. I have been teaching a creative and soul-stirring combination of Vinyasa and alignment-based yoga for 11 years. I’m here to wake you up, to empower you to be BIG, help you to be brave, and offer you the tools to heal and the skills to live every bit of your life ON PURPOSE. I’m here to inspire your inner child that may be lying dormant, to empower you to dance like EVERYONE is watching, and be confident as hell in the process. I’m here to remind you of your voice, your power, and the importance of love.

Brittany Policastro

What I Do


Over the past 11 years, I have transformed my life through yoga, meditation, kriya, movement, service, shamanic healing, study of Osho (osho.com), and world travel. In turn, I have tapped into these tools to transform the lives of thousands. I am drawn to the natural leaders, the change-agents, and the sassy souls that yearn to make a difference. I love working with strong women who may forget they have a voice, but know they have a purpose. My classes, trainings, and courses are designed to rock your world, grow your awareness, encourage BIG breakthroughs and empower you to live ON PURPOSE. Plus, I send out free weekly videos to all my subscribers, filled with lessons, laughs, yoga classes and meditations—all for YOU!

Brittany Policastro

Why I Do It
Physical and emotional pain have been major catalysts in my life, helping me to develop the tools and awareness to use pain and discomfort as vehicles for deep transformation. Here’s more of my story… At the age of 10, I developed a rare illness called reflex sympathetic dystrophy that caused me much pain and the doctors much confusion. In school, my classmates believed I was faking the illness and I began to feel ostracized and isolated. During this time I was filled with confusion, anger and pain—and little opportunity to feel and talk about it. But I now know that through this time, I developed some of my most valuable qualities: independence, authenticity, strength, and the ability to be a leader. As I entered high school, I grew out of the illness, but developed a desperate need to be seen, validated and accepted by my peers. As a result, many of my friendships and relationships, while fun and loving, didn’t feed me. Some were even toxic. Then, at age 22, I discovered yoga. I dove headfirst into the practice and a year later started teaching. This was around the same time I let go of my lifelong dream of becoming a lawyer—a dream I now know was born of the need to be accepted by society and make sure I always had enough. Even still, for most of my twenties I was lost. I struggled with life. But quietly and steadily, my yoga practice was preparing me for some major transformation. In 2008—after finally committing to teaching yoga full time and leaving a relationship I believed would set me up with my ‘dream life’—I took on the challenge of raising $20,000 for theCambodian Children’s Fund as part of a project created by Off the Mat, Into the World. I had no idea why I wanted to do this. It was a force like I had never felt before and it empowered me to raise the money and travel to Cambodia in 2009 with Off the Mat. This trip shook me to the core. I started to believe there was more. But still, I felt split. On one side I was a vegetarian yoga teacher who loved detoxes, meditated at my altar, and was passionate about changing the world. On the other side I was the life of the party, who drank to fit in, broke out in frequent angry outbursts and constantly sought validation from others, especially men.

Finally …
after an auspicious meeting with a shamanic healer, I chose to look deep inside and begin to heal and release the “stuff” I was clinging to. Stuff that made me anxious, angry and often very insecure—stuff that the physical practice of yoga couldn’t quite reach. I followed this with a reality-rocking journey through Brazil, Tanzania and India where I worked in orphanages, taught yoga to the local children, and connected with the communities and the land. After this, life was never the same. Once I could love myself with all my imperfections, talents and gifts—and actually celebrate them—I opened to all the beauty and support my life was waiting to give me. I absolutely love my life’s work and I continue to grow and thrive. I called in the most amazing partner who grounds me, enlivens me and taps me into boundless love. I have friends who inspire me, respect me and live consciously. I no longer need to engage in unhealthy practices such as excessive drinking or seeking validation from others. I deal with life as it comes, and I laugh A LOT. And 90% of the time, I feel like this…

Brittany Jumping

And Here’s The Thing …
I didn’t grow up like this. The word “yoga” didn’t make it’s way into my vocabulary until I was 22, I never hiked or travelled growing up and kale ceased to exist. Still my beautiful life evolved into one of pleasure and purpose. I know that if my life can be this sweet, so can yours. And I want YOU to know that too. You have BIG gifts to give. You have a voice that wants to be heard. And I can help. That is what makes me happiest. Well, that and this…

Brittany and Nick Antony

Professional Bio

Brittany T Policastro E-RYT200 Teacher, Writer, creative Force, Soul stirrer

Known as a Stevie Wonder-loving, truth-speaking, change-agent who bagged law school to pursue a creative thirst that lead to teaching yoga full time; Brittany challenges her students to be brave, wake up and live their purpose. She has been teaching soul-stirring yoga classes for the past 12 years and is the founder and director of Beyond Asana, an online platform for those looking to use their practice to transform their lives.

Her technique is influenced by her 300 hours of training in Anusara, practice in Vinyasa, Kundalini, Restorative Yoga, and Osho Dynamic Meditation, work with Off the Mat Into the World, study of the Chakra system, a year of intense self exploration with her shamanic healer, extensive travel, and deep study in India.

Brittany has travelled the world to teach yoga to children, build schools and engage in service projects. In 2010, she co-created the Beyond Asana Yoga Teacher Training, which combines asana, sacred activism, personal growth work and global travel.

Brittany is a blogger for the Huffington Post and two of her poems are featured in The Poetry of Yoga: Volume One. She was also featured on the 10! Show for a segment on healthy backs and FYI on channel 6 news. She has appeared in Origin Magazine, Mantra Yoga and Health, Yoga Journal (online), Women You Should Know and is an ambassador for lululemon.

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